A project of the BHC Family Concerns Committee

Information for Chefs When Contacting a Potential Recipient

Introduce yourself and explain that you are from the BHC Meal Makers and that you would like to make a meal for their family. Ask them if this is something they would like. Expect that some people will turn down your offer.

First, ask them if they KEEP KOSHER. If so, and you do not have a kosher kitchen, tell the person that someone else will be cooking for them and will be contacting them shortly. You should then contact Maria Kannen so that she can asssign them to another volunteer with a kosher kitchen.

Set up a mutually agreeable time and place for delivery. Make sure it works well for both parties!

It would be good to discuss dietary restrictions and preferences with the person (family) for whom you will be cooking. For example:

  • How many people will be eating this meal? (Note: We are not offering to prepare shiva meals, however, if more than eight people will be eating this meal, contact Maria Kannen, coordinator, and she will try to get an additional volunteer to help with preparing the meal).
  • Any dietary restrictions such as dairy, meat, vegetarian/vegan?
  • Does anyone have any food allergies (e.g., nuts, eggs, shellfish, dairy, soy, wheat, etc.)?
  • Is anyone on a special diet (e.g., low salt, low sugar, low calorie, etc.)?
  • Are there any foods that you really do not like?
  • In case of an illness, what can the person who is ill eat?

Helpful hints:

  • When someone in the family is ill or other events have initiated this response, be mindful that what is obvious to you, may not be obvious to the family.
  • Please make sure the food is not frozen upon delivery.
  • Foods that need to be heated should come with brief instructions.
  • If food needs to be heated in the oven, it should be delivered in an oven-ready pan.
  • If it can be heated in the microwave, then select a container that is microwavable.
  • Deliver foods in containers that do not need to be returned.
  • If the meal will be for Shabbat, it would be lovely to include a challah!

Special Desserts To Add To Your Meal!

BHC congregant Larry Adashek often makes large quantities of small pans of carrot cake, banana bread and dairy noodle kugel and is glad to offer these to those making meals. You can contact him at 410-493-0400 or Thank you, Larry, for your wonderful contribution to this project!